MHZ Awnings

Timelessly beautiful. Technically advanced. For us, an idea is ahead of its time if
it proves itself in everyday life. MHZ solutions thus captivate through their high utility value. Like the MHZ awnings. As retractable arm, window or facade awnings and as an equally beautiful and intelligent means of privacy and light protection, they are visually and technically first-class, even in large sizes. Materials and workmanship are selected in such a way that they ward off sunlight and heat and thus ensure a pleasant climate. Over 140 colour and fabric variations distinguish themselves with characteristics such as high light-fastness, colour-fastness, dirt and water-repellent surfaces and a high degree of protection against harmful UV radiation. They are all specially made up: either with a high-quality UV-resistant sewing thread or by means of an innovative weld-bonding method.

Product advantages

  • tailor-made according to your wishes
  • elegant looks
  • closed awning construction possible
  • Fixing to wall, ceiling or recess
  • fabrics are colourfast with high light-fastness, dirt and water-repellent and protect against harmful UV radiation


More than 140 fabrics arouse your appetite for colour. From discreet to vivid. From miniature to block stripes. From tone-in-tone to high-contrast. And from pure unis to unis with small effects. A fancy range of products for every balcony and every patio to make your additional living space in the open air more beautiful. However individual your wishes may be, our MHZ fabric collection for awnings and shading systems enriches every free space.